Coursing returns to SP

This week’s Sporting Press (issue of August 26th) includes the first of our coursing coverage for the 2021/22 season. Tony O’Connor takes a trip around the country and over three pages he brings news from the coursing kennels, big and small. Tony’s reports will continue for the next few weeks in the lead up to the draws for the eagerly awaited meetings at Liscannor and Kilflynn.

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Notice to Voting Members


Please note the following clarification and update:

1. The return envelope is not pre-stamped as a voting member has four options to submit their vote:

(i) Via An Post Ordinary Post (ii) An Post Express Delivery (iii) An Post Registered Post (iv) Hand delivery option to Mr Patrick Higgins of Keanes Solicitors on August 26 between 2pm and 4pm.

2. All votes were issued via An Post Express Delivery service (one day delivery) on Monday August 16 and this is a traceable system. It transpires that a number of votes were not delivered in this timeframe and An Post is following up on the undelivered votes as per the terms of the Express Delivery service. In the event of a vote not being delivered in time, the ICC will make contact with voters and make alternative arrangements to ensure each vote is exercised prior to the counting of the votes.

There is no requirement to contact the ICC at this point as we will be checking outstanding delivery of votes over the coming days.

Thank you for your attention.

Notice re Agm and Election

The Executive Committee at a meeting held on August 12 made the following decisions in relation to the Annual General Meeting of the ICC 2021 and the election procedure for President and Honorary Treasurer.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE ICC 2021 (incorporating the AGM 2020)

The Annual General Meeting of the ICC will be held at a date to be notified following the election and appointment of the President and Honorary Treasurer as set out below.


The voting procedure and timelines for return of votes and the counting of votes is as follows:

  1. The voting for the election of President and Honorary Treasurer of the ICC will be conducted via a postal vote, with all votes returnable by 4pm, Thursday, August 26 2021, as per letter of instruction issued to ICC voting membership on Monday, August 16.
  1. The counting of the votes will take place on Friday, August 27 at 11am and the result of the election will be posted on the ICC website.

The following are the nominations for the position of President and Honorary Treasurer of the ICC:


Candidate: Brian Divilly (Galway & Oranmore C.C.)

Candidate: John Egan (Templetuohy C.C.)

Honorary Treasurer

Candidate: Tom Beckett (Freshford C.C.)

Candidate: Damian Matthews (Ballymena C.C.)

Provisional Fixture Dates

The provisional Fixture dates for the 2021/22 coursing season may now be viewed under Fixtures (go to drop-down menu at Coursing on top tool bar). This week we will be writing to all club secretaries with the Fixtures List and asking them to notify us of any changes as soon as possible. Any request for change of date will then go before the Fixtures Committee and we would hope to finalise the Fixtures List by August 27th at the very latest.

Munster Exec Election

The Munster Provincial election results are as follows in alphabetical order:

Kevin Barry: 42

Shane Flanagan: 33

Noel Flynn: 19

Martin Galvin: 35

Dave Harrington: 18

Tom Murphy: 30

Sean Ryan: 38

The four vacancies are deemed filled by:  Kevin Barry, Shane Flanagan, Martin Galvin and Sean Ryan

ICC Information Portal

The Information Portal on the ICC website to facilitate the sharing of news items is now launched. This is a ‘members only’ service and is intended to impart information in a timely manner and also to assist in engaging with members efficiently when time sensitive information needs to be shared.

Membership of the Information Portal will be free but members must be verified/approved by their local club. To this end we recently contacted the Media Officers appointed by each club, asking them to collate the necessary details for each member of their club wishing to access the Information Portal and to return this data to us. This information will not be shared with third parties and member details will only be used to impart information from the ICC.

[Please note this is totally separate from the ordinary membership of the ICC website whereby individuals pay €50 annually to access draws etc. Existing members of the ICC website will have to register for the Information Portal and be verified by their Club Media Officer the same as everyone else.]   

You can now register to become a member of the ICC Information Portal. See box on right hand side of home page. You will be asked to select the name of your Club from a drop-down list. However, membership will not be activated until such time as your name is cross-checked with the verification list submitted by your Club Media Officer.

Step 1: Inform the Media Officer at your local club that you wish to register as a member of the ICC Information Portal if you have not already done so.

Step 2: The Club Media Officer sends the list of verified Club Members to the ICC.   

Step 3: You go to and register online to become a member of the ICC Information Portal. See dark green box on right hand side of home page.

Step 4: Within 72 hours or as soon as possible thereafter, the ICC will cross-check your name against the verification list submitted by your Club Media Officer. If your name appears on this list your membership of the Information Portal will be activated and you will be able to log-in. Should your name not appear on the list submitted by the Club Media Officer or if no list has been submitted, the ICC will undertake to contact the Club Media Officer to resolve the situation. If there continues to be a problem with verification the ICC will contact you directly by e-mail.       

Illegal Hunting

ICC Launch Illegal Hunting Reporting Tool – REPORT ILLEGAL HUNTING IN YOUR AREA

To further enhance the protection of the Irish hare from illegal hunting, the ICC is asking coursing clubs and the coursing public to report such incidences via the new ICC reporting tool on the ICC website (under Coursing drop-down menu). The native Irish hare is a protected species under the Wildlife Act 1976-2018, the Opens Seasons Order 2005 and the Animal Health & Welfare Act 2013. The act of illegal hunting is unlawful and should be reported to the Gardaí and the NPWS, as they possess the powers of prosecution for such acts. As part of all coursing clubs’ role as guardian of the native Irish Hare, it is important to log all incidents of illegal hunting. It is important that if you witness illegal hunting that you do not engage with the transgressors and that immediate contact is made with the Gardaí and NPWS rangers in your area. Familiarise yourself with the type of necessary information that will assist with a prosecution by visiting the reporting tool link on the ICC website. Your personal details will not be shared with any third party without your express permission. The ICC may contact you to follow up on the incident and related matters.
The ICC Reporting Tool has been designed to gather the facts on each incident of illegal hunting and it is possible to upload images if available also.

How to complete the Reporting Tool: Simply click on the tab: REPORT ILLEGAL HUNTING and proceed as instructed to complete all details.
Once completed please click the SUBMIT link to upload your incident report and you will receive a receipt email to let you know it is lodged with the ICC.

Breeders Covid Scheme 2021

Breeders of coursing litters for the 2022/23 coursing season will receive a Covid-19 financial support package in the sum of €350 per litter earmarked at puppy stage subject to meeting eligibility criteria (see below).

The scheme is open to breeders that complete an application form (available now to download from ICC website – Go to ICC Forms on bottom left of Home page) and forward same with the litter declaration form within 14 days of whelping. (Please note the previous scheme which waived the litter declaration fee and mating cert fee is now expired).

Breeders of litters already whelped and registered since January 1st 2021 will also receive the Covid-19 breeder support payment, subject to meeting eligibility criteria (see below) and on completion of the application form (available now to download from ICC website – Go to ICC Forms on bottom left of Home page) 

Eligibility criteria includes the mating of a recognised coursing bred bitch to a recognised coursing bred stud dog, the mating of a recognised coursing bred bitch to a recognised track bred stud dog and the mating of a recognised track bred bitch to a recognised coursing bred stud dog. Pups must be whelped no later than September 30th 2021.

In the event of clarification being sought on a particular mating in terms of eligibility for the support, a decision once provided is full and final with no right of appeal.

In the event that you are unable to download & print an application form from the ICC website please email with your name & address to have a form posted out to you).  

Derby / Oaks 2019 whelps

In addition to a 64 Derby and 64 Oaks for 2020 whelps, as previously announced a 64 Derby and 64 Oaks for 2019 whelps is also planned for Powerstown Park at the National Meeting of 2022. Greyhounds that have won trial stakes during the 2020/21 coursing season stand qualified.  All 2019 whelps that have not qualified during the 2020/21 season will have a further opportunity during the 2021/22 coursing season to qualify to ensure a full complement of runners.

In the event of a 2019 whelped greyhound qualifying for the National Meeting in 2022, and subsequently competes successfully in all age events during the 2021/22 coursing season, that qualifier is only eligible to compete in the Derby and Oaks for 2019 whelps and not in the Champion Dog or Bitch events to be held at the 2022 National Meeting.

The details of qualifier events will be settled and agreed with host clubs in advance of the commencement of the 2021/22 coursing season.

Our photo shows Pakie & David Hogan with Tromora Danny, first Derby qualifier of the 2020/21 season at Liscannor and which will hopefully have the opportunity to participate in the Derby for 2019 whelps at the 2022 National Meeting.    

ICC Statement January 24th

Following the High Court decision of Ms Justice Hyland today, the ICC has announced that the balance of the 2020/21 coursing season is concluded. The Judge, in her decision, referred to the strong arguable case in terms of lack of consultation and that the ICC has met the requisite standard in terms of obligations to give reasons as part of a Judicial Review hearing yet to be heard.
The Executive Committee of the ICC acknowledge the support and hard work of its constituent clubs, its greyhound owners, breeders, trainers and sponsors during this season. The Executive is cognisant of the lack of opportunity afforded coursing greyhounds, in what has been a very truncated season within a limited season. As a consequence of such lost opportunity, the Executive decided that it will hold a Derby and Oaks next season for 2019 whelps that have won a trial stake this season with additional qualifiers to reach the required number of entries to stage the event at the National Meeting in 2022.

The Licensing Committee is appointed by the Executive Committee to deal with all licensing issues for the forthcoming season and it has commenced that process.

While we all deal with the current situation, I can assure everyone that every effort is being made in preparing for a successful commencement of the 2021/22 coursing season and this is the focus of the Executive and its Sub-Committees over the coming weeks and months ahead.      

DJ Histon