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Order of Running


Saturday,Sunday,Monday  23rd, 24th, 25th October

Judge: Brendan Purcell      

Slipper: David Galvin

Start 11.00am on Saturday and 11.30am on Sunday/Monday.

SATURDAY: Twice through Derby TS and Island Cup. Once through Local Dog Stake and Local Bitch Stake after the interval.

SUNDAY: Twice through Oaks TS 20 21 (2019 whelps) and Oaks TS (2020 whelps).

MONDAY: Start with Three Course Duffer, Oaks Trial Stake 20 21, Oaks TS, Derby TS. All semi-finals after first interval.  

At Mallow   

Friday,Saturday,Sunday 22nd, 23rd, 24th October

Judge: John O’Connell     

Slipper: Martin Mulcahy 

Start 11.30am all three days.

FRIDAY: Twice through Mallow Derby TS (2020 whelps) and Mallow Oaks TS 20 21 (2019 whelps).    
SATURDAY: Twice through Charleville Oaks TS. Once through Charleville Derby TS and Rakes Of Mallow All Age Cup.

SUNDAY: Start with Working Members Inter Club Stake & complete card. 


Saturday,Sunday 23rd, 24th October

Judge: Liam Kelly      

Slipper: Padraig Reynolds  

Start 11.30am both days. 

SATURDAY: Twice through Oaks TS. Once through Reserve Derby TS. 

SUNDAY: Start with Working Members Stake & complete card. 


Saturday,Sunday 23rd, 24th October

Judge: Bernard Goold       

Slipper: David O’Connor 

Start 11.30am both days. 

SATURDAY: Twice through Derby TS & Reserve Oaks TS. Once through All Age Dog Cup and All Age Bitch Stake. 

SUNDAY: Start with Denis Benn Memorial Stake, Working Members Stake, RD3 Loughrea Derby TS 20 21 (2019 whelps), RD2 Loughrea Oaks TS (2020 whelps) and complete card.