Rules & Regulations


As revised and approved by the Club at a General Meeting of the Club and approved by Bord na gCon in accordance with the Greyhound Industry Act, 1958 in August, 1988, And including amendments passed in 1989 – 2019 incl.
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pdf-icon Artificial Insemination Ireland 2005
pdf-icon Greyhound Race Track Northern Ireland Racing Regulations
pdf-icon Northern Ireland Greyhound Trainers Rules 1961
pdf-icon RULE 88 – Prohibited Substances
pdf-icon ICC Coursing Trainer Regulations 2023
pdf-icon Rules Part 1 – Affiliations
pdf-icon Rules Part 2 – General
pdf-icon Rules Part 3 – Powers of Stewards
pdf-icon Rules Part 4 – Complaints & Appeals
pdf-icon Rules Part 5 – Irish Greyhound Stud Book & Registration in the Stud Book
pdf-icon Rules Part 6 – Coursing
pdf-icon Rules Part 7 – Internal Conduct & management
pdf-icon Rules Part 8 – Conditions of Breeders Stakes
pdf-icon Rules Part 9 – General & Appendices
pdf-icon Schedule to the Greyhound Industry Act 1958
pdf-icon Welfare of Greyhounds Act 2011


In these Rules the following words and expressions have the meanings hereby assigned to them; that is to say.-

“THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE” is the Committee for the time being of the Irish Coursing Club appointed to administer the business and affairs of the Irish Coursing Club.

“THE ACT” means the Greyhound Industry Act 1958 (No.12 of 1958).

“THE BOARD” means Bord na gCon established under the Act.

“THE CLUB” means the Irish Coursing Club. “Club” means an affiliated club which promotes, manages, or holds Coursing Meetings.

“STEWARD OR STEWARDS” means person or persons appointed by an affiliated club and/or by the Executive Committee to carry out specified duties assigned to them by such club and/or by the Executive Committee and any steward or stewards who may be appointed by the Executive Committee as Control or Stipendiary Stewards to act at any Meeting held under these Rules.

“NS” means nominates and refers to entries in permanent nominator events sanctioned by the Irish Coursing Club, in which a nominator may enter and run in his own name, with the permission of the registered owner, a greyhound not the registered property of the nominator.

“AUTHORISED OFFICER” means a person appointed in writing by the Irish Coursing Club or the Board to be an authorised officer and shall include Control and Stipendiary Stewards.

“GREYHOUNDS” include dog or bitch.

“A SUBSCRIBER” means a person who enters and runs a greyhound under these Rules.

“REGISTERED OWNER’ means the person in whose name a greyhound is registered in the Irish Greyhound Stud Book.

“UNAUTHORISED MEETING” means a Coursing Meeting conducted by a club which is not affiliated to the Irish Coursing Club.

“UNREGISTERED GREYHOUND” means a greyhound which is not registered in the Irish Greyhound Stud Book.

“WARNED OFF PERSON” means a person to whom an exclusion order under section 47 of the Act applies.

“SUSPENSION” means disqualification for a specified period and may be applied to a person, a greyhound, a club or a Rule.

“INTERPRETATION” means every word importing the singular shall, unless the contrary intention appears, be construed as if it also imported the plural, and every word importing the plural shall, unless the contrary intention appears, be construed as if it also imported the singular.

“BRED IN IRELAND” means that the puppies are the progeny of a sire and dam registered in the Irish Greyhound Stud Book at the time the mating took place, that the mating and litter are registered in the Irish Stud Book and that the puppies have been whelped in Ireland.


1.- The Executive Committee have power to revoke, suspend, add to, and amend, any Rules made under article 16 of the Constitution of the Club (as amended), attached to the Schedule to the Act, subject to the like approval of the Club

2.- The Executive Committee may vary, repeal, amend, suspend, alter, road to, any of the Rules made hereunder from time to time, subject to the like approval of the Club.

3.- The Executive Committee as they see fit, may introduce new fees and alter from time to time the fees set out in these Rules and shall prescribe the manner in which said fees (including altered fees) shall be collected, subject to the like approval of the Club.