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Coursing update – Covid 19

Following a meeting of the Executive Committee of the ICC today and after consideration of the impact of the country going into Level 5 of the Government plan in dealing with Covid-19, and the associated difficulties that would ensue as well as professional advice received, it is decided to suspend all park coursing events and open coursing events from midnight tonight, October 21st. 

The suspension will exist until it is appropriate to resume coursing events under the ICC Covid-19 Plan. The Executive are acutely aware of what this decision means to clubs, in particular the clubs that were mid-way through their events and we will work with them in bringing those meetings to a conclusion at a future date. We also acknowledge the impact this decision has on club members, owners, trainers, breeders, stud keepers, sponsors, coursing supporters, staff of the ICC and all related businesses that rely on coursing.

This is a time to focus on the Government’s actions to reduce the level of the virus in our community to ensure a positive outcome for us all. We acknowledge coursing people will play their part in protecting each other from the indiscriminate nature of Covid-19.

We look forward to re-commencing the season when the country is released from level 5 and we wish all our members and supporters well during this difficult time for the country.

Stay safe.