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National Meeting 2023

National Coursing Meeting 2023 – Important Notices 

Day 1 at Clonmel

After a 30 minute delay due to overnight frost, Ballymac Wonder got the 97th National Meeting off to a great start with a 12.50 run in the opening course of the Horse & Jockey Hotel Oaks. However it wasn’t long before her kennelmate and long odds favourite Ballymac Zena bettered it by 12 spots (12.38). This would remain the best time of the day until Tree Top Tyson stopped the clock at 12.36 in the very last course of the Boylesports Derby.

Others to catch the eye in the Oaks were Gooleen Magic & Silent Angel (both litter sisters of Zena), Frenchfort (litter sister of Ballymac Wonder), Marvelous Model (daughter of 2020 Oaks winner), and the very well drawn Ballymac Pippin (same dam as 2019 and 2021 Oaks winners). The only big upset was the elimination of All Glamour which went temporarily offline and handed the advantage to Cloncunny Flare.

The Ballymacs were also very much to the fore in the Boylesports Derby with Ballymac Ida the only one of eight runners from the Dowling kennels to taste defeat today after a sluggish start. Ballymac Major was probably the most impressive although sponsor John Boyle will have been delighted with the all the way success of Boylesports Team (trained by Liam Dowling). The aforementioned Tree Top Tyson finished the first round in style and others to show Derby winning potential were Iron Born, Masonbrook Ger, Cool Spirit and both of the Barrack dogs Boru & Ice. However no less than 15 dogs came in under 12.60 so it really is wide open still.

It was a glorious day weather wise and the atmosphere and excitement was the best seen at an opening day in Clonmel for a long time. Please God it augurs well for the next two days. The action resumes tomorrow morning at 11am with the first round of the Stockproof Fencing TA Morris Stakes. (see Quick Results for clocks and betting).

Stockproof Fencing TA Morris Stakes Draw

Steel Mill v Glorious Hunter
Tromora Lion v Ballinveala Zion
Sore Loser v Hollyhill Robert
Late Chance v Ballylinan
Gallows Hill v Blue Dale
Norse God v Handsome Tim
Newhall Magic v Bank Interest
Ballymac Ida v Badminton Karntn
Battling Trend v Crescent Hope
Givealittleback v Gigantor
Pick Your Stride v Career Break
Boherue Moon v Matterhorn
Silent Seanie Se v Mad Mans Dream
Press Up v Cuine Gambler
Kilty Harvey v Brassic
Ballymorris Gold v Ballinveala Theo

The Waiting Is Over

In less than 24 hours the 97th National Coursing Meeting will get underway at Powerstown Park, Clonmel. It is very doubtful if we will have anyone attending who was present at that first National Meeting back in 1925 but for sure there will be someone proudly celebrating their 50th, 60th or even 70th Clonmel. We all remember our first Clonmel and we hope that for those making their maiden trip this year it is the first of many.

Safe travelling to all over the next three days. Best wishes to everyone connected to a runner and we hope your dream comes true. A huge thank you to all involved with hare husbandry at Powerstown Park and we hope your dream of a clean sheet comes true also. We know you can do no more. Sincere thanks to our sponsors, Boylesports, The Horse & Jockey Hotel, Dublin Coach, Stockproof Fencing Products, The 802 Classics Club Members and the families of the late Kevin Smith and Grace & Matt Bruton. This event could not happen without your support.

At 11am this Sunday morning Breska Code and Ballymac Wonder will be placed in the capable hands of Brian Doyle or Richard Quinn. 202 courses later Liam Kelly or John O’Connell will pull the final flag for this season’s National Meeting and the Clonmel Roll Of Honour will have six new names or possibly even more in the event of a divide !!. It’s our All Ireland, Superbowl, Cheltenham, all rolled into one and whether it’s our 50th or our 1st the excitement never diminishes.


National Meeting 2023 – Non Runners

Horse & Jockey Hotel Oaks
Hiho Lets Go (First Quarter)
Lucarelli (First Quarter)
Ta Ellen (Fourth Quarter)

BoyleSports Derby
Tullig Seal (First Quarter)
Sminky Sharp (Reserve)

Grace & Matt Bruton Champion Bitch
Cloncunny Wonder

Kevin Smith Champion Stakes
Dresden Dingo
Rossmore Champ (reserve)


For anyone travelling to Clonmel from the Waterford or Wexford direction on Tuesday (Sunday & Monday should be ok) please note there are long delays in Carrick On Suir due to roadworks. The full details are below.

N24 Eastbound Lane, Carrick-on-Suir, Co Tipperary. From O’Mahony Avenue to Ash Park Junction with N24. PERIOD OF CLOSURE: 00:00hrs on Monday 30 January 2023 to 23:39hrs on Friday 01 September 2023. ALTERNATIVE ROUTES: R696 New Road, L-2701-1 Ard Mhuire, L-2702-1 Greenside North, R697 Park View, L-2703-1 Ash Park. (L-27032-1 Townparks will also to be used when required).


Congratulations to Anne Marie O’Brien and her team on another great National Meeting special. A must read before you head to Clonmel this weekend. Available to view online Tuesday evening and should be in most shops on Wednesday.

Consolation Stakes at National Meeting

At the 2023 National Coursing Meeting there will be two Consolation Stakes. The Dublin Coach Kitty Butler Stakes for 32 bitches eliminated in the first round of the Horse & Jockey Hotel Oaks. Winner: €7,000. Runner Up: €2,000. The Stockproof Fencing Products T. A. Morris Stakes for 32 dogs eliminated in the first round of the BoylesSports Derby. Winner: €7,000. Runner Up: €2,000.

In the event of these stakes not being filled by those eliminated from the first round of the Oaks/Derby the remaining places will be allocated to reserves in the Oaks/Derby which did not get called to run in those stakes. These reserves must have run a non-competitive course at the end of the first round of the Oaks/Derby.

A new draw will be made to determine which reserves are to receive the remaining places in the Consolation Stakes and which reserves are to be listed as Reserves A,B,C and D for the Consolation Stakes. The draw for the Consolation Stakes will then take place.

The first round of the Dublin Coach Kitty Butler Stakes will take place at the end of coursing on the first day of the National Meeting and the second round will take place immediately after the interval on the second day of the National Meeting. The first round of the Stockproof Fencing Products TA Morris Stakes will take place at the start of coursing on the second day of the National Meeting and the second round will take place at the end of coursing on the second day of the National Meeting. Both stakes will then be completed on the third day of the National Meeting.


The second hare schooling session for the National Meeting took place on Saturday and the quickest clocks were 12.67 and 12.72. The first hare schooling session for the National Meeting took place on Friday and the quickest clocks were 12.62 and 12.64


We are delighted that John O’Sullivan is once again providing this wonderful service on three different routes. The coaches will leave each morning from Galway, Dundalk and Tralee with strategic pick-ups along the way. All who travelled this way in recent years have had nothing but the highest of praise for the service so early booking is advisable.