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ICC Information Portal

Later this month the ICC will be launching an Information Portal on the ICC website to facilitate the sharing of news items. This is a ‘members only’ service and is intended to impart information in a timely manner and also to assist in engaging with members efficiently when time sensitive information needs to shared.

Membership of the Information Portal will be free but members must be verified/approved by their local club. To this end we recently contacted the Media Officers appointed by each club, asking them to collate the necessary details for each member of their club wishing to access the Information Portal and to return this data to the ICC by June 18th (although more names can be added as they come on stream). This information will not be shared with third parties and member details will only be used to impart information from the ICC.

[Please note this is totally separate from the ordinary membership of the ICC website whereby individuals pay €50 annually to access draws etc. Existing members of the ICC website will have to register for the Information Portal and be verified by their Club Media Officer the same as everyone else.]   

From June 20th a member can log onto and register to become a member of the ICC Information Portal. You will be asked to select the name of your Club from a drop-down list. However, membership will not be activated until such time as your name is cross-checked with the verification list submitted by your Club Media Officer.

Step 1: Inform the Media Officer at your local club that you wish to register as a member of the ICC Information Portal (before June 18th if possible)

Step 2: The Club Media Officer sends the list of verified Club Members to the ICC (first list of names to be received by June 18th if possible and thereafter whenever a Club Member requests verification).    

Step 3: From June 20th you can go to and register online to become a member of the ICC Information Portal.

Step 4: Within 72 hours or as soon thereafter, the ICC will cross-check your name against the verification list submitted by your Club Media Officer. If your name appears on this list your membership of the Information Portal will be activated and you will be able to log-in. Should your name not appear on the list submitted by the Club Media Officer or if no list has been submitted, the ICC will undertake to contact the Club Media Officer to resolve the situation. If there continues to be a problem with verification the ICC will contact you directly by e-mail.