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Covid 19 Protocol

Will Clubs please note that your Gate Stewards must remain in place at the entrance until the end of coursing each day to ensure that only those permitted to attend (see below) have access to the coursing field.     

Covid 19 Protocol  

Club Secretaries have been issued with Covid 19 protocol directives in relation to the running of their meeting. This includes how to deal with Working Members, Officials, Vets etc and how to make things safe for all participants.

The following Covid19 protocol directives relate to greyhound owners, trainers & handlers.

  • Strictly a maximum of TWO entrants per greyhound listed on the coursing programme.
  • No spectators permitted.
  • No catering permitted.
  • A Face Mask or Visor must be worn at all times.
  • The Wrist Band issued to you at point of entry must be worn at all times.
  • Your Name & Contact details must be provided at point of entry (this is strictly for contact tracing purposes only).
  • Please have the exact admission charge of €10 ready at point of entry as no change will be given.
  • Once inside the grounds please follow the instruction of the Parking Steward and comply with all Covid 19 signage on display.
  • Please place your Entry Fee in an envelope which is clearly marked with the name of your greyhound(s) and the competition(s) they are participating in. Again no change will be given. The €10 for Membership Card can also be placed in this envelope if you wish to avail of same.
  • Please follow the instruction of the Control Steward in terms of entering the waiting shelter and the Slippers Hut.
  • Catchers must follow the instructions of the stewards at top of field when entering the coursing stretch to lead up at conclusion of course.
  • No shaking hands or other celebratory gestures that involve contact.
  • Maximum of FOUR people at the presentation. Two located at front, two at the rear and all socially distanced. Mask to be worn for photograph.
  • Make regular use of the Hand sanitisers which will be located at strategic points for public use throughout the grounds.
  • Maintain a social distance of two metres at all times.
  • Most importantly of all if you have any of the common symptoms of coronavirus or feel generally unwell DO NOT ATTEND A COURSING MEETING.