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Classics Club Special


We wish to inform you of an exciting transition that is prompted by the unique and unusual prospect of a National Meeting incorporating two Derbies and two Oaks scheduled for February 2022.

The Classics Club has operated for almost a quarter of a century and its success is down to one thing; its loyal membership. It is the biggest sponsor of the National Meeting and offers some of the biggest prizes associated with coursing’s Classics.

The current season has had to play catch up in terms of offering opportunities to the cohort of 2019 whelps that were denied an opportunity to compete due to Covid-19 and RHD2. This accommodation will culminate in a Derby and Oaks for 2019 whelps, with an additional prizemoney requirement of €140,000 approx. As a consequence, we are launching a re-imagined draw titled “The Classics Club Special”, where we are offering draw tickets for €100 each, and we will maintain the winning prizes at €10,000 for each of the four classics. This means that membership will not be capped at 600 like it was before and new numbers will be drawn for all members, as part of this change.

Given the mammoth task before us we are asking every coursing supporter in Ireland and overseas to take part in this initiative. You might also help us secure additional members, be those single or joint memberships or syndicates as it will all make a difference.

You can join online through the ICC website or by completing the ticket which will be published regularly on the Sporting Press.

I truly hope that you will come on-board as we move forward to meet this new challenge. I wish you the best of luck in being one of the ticket holders that will have a live chance of winning one of the significant prizes on offer.

Long live coursing and the Classics Club Special.

Yours in Sport,
Joe Dolan
President of the Classics Club Special Draw