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Sporting Press – Article 22

Seaside Sophie Photo 6a

Seaside Sophie’s offspring could make waves for Anthony – By Frank Kieran

YOUGHAL, where the River Blackwater meets the sea, is home for Anthony Hussey and the popular Cork man, who works for the local County Council, has been kept busy outside the day job with the seven pups that his leading lady, Seaside Sophie (Adios Alonso-Way Back When), whelped in early January. Those newest additions (pictured), three dogs and four bitches, by Watchman, are the second litter for the blue-brindle, who qualified for the 2017 Grace & Matt Bruton Champion Bitch Stake with victory in Mitchelstown’s Oisin Cup and silver medals in the all-aged bitch stakes at Cappoquin and Clonakilty, as well as in the Callanan Cup at Bandon & Careys Cross.
“Seaside Sophie was a super bitch for us and to qualify for the Champion Bitch Stake was something else. Unfortunately, she got injured in the first round and was unable to do herself justice, but it was still special to be involved.
“This is her second litter and I’ll keep a dog and a bitch. There are already two dogs sold to a couple of great coursing people and I wish them all the best with their purchases.
“She came in season before coursing began back last November, and with that delay to the season and so much uncertainty with regards whether there would be any coursing at all, I was in two minds whether to breed her or not.
“But I decided that if Watchman was introduced at stud then I would take a chance and as it happened, he was.
“Watchman was an incredibly fast hound and I just thought the cross might work, his pace combined with Seaside Sophie’s keenness and early pace, for she was lightning away from slips. Look, we live in hope.”
Anthony previously kept a few trackers but in recent years his interest has lay exclusively with the winter code.
“Greyhounds are a hobby for me, but I’m so passionate about them as I breed, rear and train myself. I’d have always kept coursers and trackers, but I just don’t get the same kick from the track as I do from coursing, so for that reason I have concentrated solely on the coursing game for the last few years. I just love it.”
And that love affair looks set to continue, as Anthony has high hopes for the forthcoming season with a dog and bitch for trial-stakes from Seaside Sophie’s maiden litter.
“I’ve a nice dog and bitch for this season from Sophie’s first litter by Newinn Wonder, and they are shaping nicely. A few of those who bought the remaining pups from that litter have been back in touch with positive reports, so fingers crossed.
“Seaside Sophie had tons of early, is bred in the purple and if she could throw a few as good as herself I’d be over the moon.” concluded Anthony.