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Renewing website membership

At this time of the year we receive many calls from website members who are trying to renew their membership for the new season but get the message ‘This User Name / Email already exists‘.  The reason for this is that when you join online you receive 365 days of membership and your details are stored until those 365 days have elapsed. Therefore if for example you joined on October 20th 2019 you should be able to continue signing in to the website until October 19th 2020. Those who gave an email address will receive a warning notice that the 365 days are almost up. Those who didn’t give an email address will just find themselves locked out when the 365 days are up and can renew then in the normal way.

A special message to those who took the special Sporting Press / ICC Website deal last year. As there was no Sporting Press during April,May & June your newspaper subscription is extended into the New Year. Therefore there would be no point in us offering the Special Deal this time around. Your ICC website membership will remain live until Tuesday 3rd November. After that date you will have to renew membership, if you wish, in the normal way by paying the €50 online or by contacting the ICC offices directly. We look forward to offering the special Sporting Press / ICC Website deal once again in September 2021.

Thanks a million for your continued support.