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Regional to host Tradaree

regional coursing 24;
Donie Quinn, presenting the Andrew Hickey Memorial Stake Michael and Gerard Mcheney, Lurgan to Michael and Gerard Mcheney, Lurgan, whose dog 'Annabel Magic' won the Andrew Hickey Memorial working members  Stake at the Regional Coursing.Also in photo are working members and friends. pic Declan hehir

Members: President: Brian Divilly, Treasurer: John Egan ; Berkie Browne, Glen Healy, Jack Mahony, Damien Matthews & D.J. Histon

REQUEST: Tradaree C.C. requested to schedule a joint meeting with the Regional C.C. conducted over three days commencing on Friday October 13th, 2017.

CONSIDERATION: The Fixtures Committee noted that prior to Week 3 two Clare meetings will have concluded and that all Dog Trial Stakes in Co. Clare will be completed by Week 3 if the request is granted. It noted that Tradaree have made the request for one year only and they intend scheduling a stand -alone meeting next season. The Committee took note of the proximity of the Regional to Tradaree and the high standard achieved by that club annually. The Regional C.C. have agreed to accommodate Tradaree subject to Fixtures Committee approval.

OUTCOME: The Fixtures Committee agreed to Tradaree’s request with the following proviso: Tradaree to notify the Fixtures Committee as to their date and venue for next season by March 1, 2018. A date similar to their traditional date of early December or January would be considered. This will strengthen the coursing programme and ensure an even spread of Dog Trial Stakes within Co. Clare.

Both meetings will be advertised on this week’s Sporting Press