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Fantasy Coursing entry now open

Michael McMahon fantasy

The final list of runners with codes for the 2018/19 Fantasy Coursing Competition is published on this week’s Sporting Press Sept 13th and will appear for the next two weeks also.
There is an Entry Form beside the list of runners or you can enter Online by clicking on ‘Fantasy League Entry’ in the drop down menu under ‘Coursing’.
Closing date for Online entry will be midnight on Friday 28th September but postal entries must be received in Davis Road no later than 5pm on Thursday 27th September.

Our photo shows Sean Alyward of the Sporting Press (on right) presenting a cheque to last season’s joint-winner Micheal McMahon, Ballybunion. The other joint winner was Ian Bourke of Oola.

The competition was first run during the 1994/95 season and continues to be a great source of enjoyment for many.
Give it a go this year !!!